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Come paint with us!

Walk-ins are always welcome. Choose from a variety of bisque ware and colorful paints for some fun ceramic painting!

Welcome to the Joliet Pottery Lounge website! Here you can learn all about our shop and how you can have great fun painting your own pottery. Check out our studio, like us on Facebook and request your party online.

1147 Essington Rd (Essington Shoppes)

Joliet, IL 60435

PH: 815-730-3925




Studio fee

* per painter




$10 and up

4 paints, glaze and fire

* per piece


Store Hours


By appt only. Call us at 815-730-3925


11am - 6pm


11am - 6pm


11am - 6pm


11am - 6pm


11am - 6pm


By appt only. Call us at 815-730-3925

The studio will close one hour before closing time if there are no painters.