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Our goal at the Joliet Pottery Lounge is to provide families and friends a place to spend quality time together while having fun painting pottery!

We believe in healthy family entertainment through the wonderful world of art.  As parents ourselves we understand the importance of quality time with our kids.

We are located on Essington Rd. between Black Rd and Ingalls Ave.

The Joliet Pottery Lounge also participates in local fundraisers and events.  This is a great way to meet our community and provide our services.  Contact us if you would like to here more about these services.

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Gladys Naling



Ron Naling



Phone:  815-730-3925


Joliet Pottery Lounge

1147 Essington Rd

Essington Shoppes

Joliet, IL 60435

1147 Essington Rd (Essington Shoppes)

Joliet, IL 60435

Phone:  815-730-3925